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Cog-wheels before the oxide layer is removed removed.Cog-wheel after shot blasting, the oxide layer is removed.Old copper articles before renovation.Old copper articles after renovation.Crown of Liberty Bridge before sandblasting.Crown of Liberty Bridge after sandblasting.Replacement glass tea light field.Cast-iron stove before renovation.The stove after bead blasting.The stove after full renovation.Unglazed glass jug.Puch engine needs beading.Puch engine after beading.The wheels of a 1914 automatic gun.The wheels of a 1914 automatic gun after cleaning.Workpieces of Military History Museum before machining.Workpieces of Military History Museum after machining.Deckchair. Removal of old paint by sanding layer.Strongly contaminated and damaged light metals rim.Strongly contaminated and damaged light metals rim, after cleaning, prepared for further work.Granite stone patterned.Trabant component before blasting.Trabant component after blasting.Wrought-iron chandelier.Wrought-iron chandelier sandblasted.Luxury Department Store: limestone facade, before cleaning.Luxury Department Store: limestone facade, after cleaning.A rocking chair before cleaning.A rocking chair after cleaning.Aluminum tool before processing.Aluminum tool after processing, prepared for VDI 30.Diving tanks before sandblasting.Diving tanks after sandblasting.Brick surfaces of Technical Glass Factory Sandblasting. Contaminated before blasting.Brick surfaces of Technical Glass Factory Sandblasting. Contaminated after blasting.


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About bead blasting (sandblasting)

  The technology is the process, of forcing solid particles across a surface at high speeds. This metal, wooden, plastic or glass surface becomes thinner, which otherwise would be damaging, but in this case, it is our main objective. During this process, the contamination on the surface of metal, wooden, plastic or glass objects will peel off. We get a smoother and cleaner surface, as a result of which the objects can be re-painted and renovated.

  The most important factors when an object is being cleaned:

  • The right choice of the blasting material
  • The optimization of the impact time
  • The precise setting of pressure

  During an average blasting, 20 - 60 μm is peeled off from the surface, which does not change the size of the object significantly. Of course, with objects that require a working of higher precision, it is possible to realize a finer cutting. Usually we use this technology for cleaning the surface of steel structures; moreover, surface cleaning is becoming more and more widespread for the fashionable and practical stainless steel objects.

  The type and the fineness of the blasting material are based on the surface we intend to work on. In Samples and References, you find some examples of this technology.

You have to take account of the fact that bead blasting (sandblasting) is not a cheap technology. However, so far it has not been replaced by other, more effective technologies with respect to price, quality and productivity. In Technology and Tips, you can read about the factors which influence the price and efficiency.

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