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Stonework, tiles, brick, concrete, ceramic sandblasting.

Sandblasting of stone

 Sandblasting machining in stone is simpler because the permanent deformation of metal (warp) does not occur in these amorphous materials. Cleaning, matting, printing is the general use. In the case of a mat, the surface of the stone, as it is in the name of the procedure -light becomes matt. It is also possible to use a deep blow, in which case the material of the stone may be removed in the sandblasted area, even at several millimeters depth. With any suitable protective coating, any shape, pattern can be blown into stone or stone. Whether it is a stone board, or tile, or pottery. During cleaning, various types of stone, bricks, concrete, etc. impurities can be removed. Due to the sandblasting technology, it is not a problem to clean or machinate highly contoured surfaces.

Concrete and sandstone floors can be cleaned with a dry and wet process. Artificial cleansing can only be conditioned solely because sandstone is attacked by sand particles and the result will be an orange crescent that is more difficult to conserve and subsequently become more contaminated. Cleaning is more cumbersome.

 For sandblasting and blasting of stones, please take a few examples of our previous works, in our section of our page, in Other Items.

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