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Sandblasting of vehicles

Strahlen, Sandstrahlen und Reinigen von Fahrzeugen und deren Teilen.

Sandblasting of vehicles

 In the case of metal, machining is primarily a surface cleaning, which, in addition to various roughnesses, can advantageously assist the adhesion of the subsequent paint or galvanized coating. It is also used for the creation of fine surfaces, especially in the case of aluminum and corrugated trays, to discard welding discoloration. It is also used to strengthen the motor drive elements (gear, crank, spring). The irreplaceable advantage of blasting machining is that it is possible to machinate subdivided surfaces and cavities that they can not be solved by other means or costly. Sandblasting and blasting can be carried out from the wheels of the motor vehicle through the hub to the various engine parts.

 For more information on sandblasting and surface cleaning of vehicles, see the tips under the technology section and the samples of metals in the car and engine parts or Old-timer motorcycle subgroups.

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