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Sandblasting of metals

Metal surfaces, sand spraying, grinding and beating.

Sandblasting of metals

 Machining in metal is primarily a surface cleaning, which, with various roughnesses, is advantageously aided by the adhesion of the subsequent paint or galvanized coating. It is also used to create fine surfaces, especially aluminum and aluminum in case of corrugating, workout, to remove the welding discolouration. It is also used to strengthen the motor drive elements (gear, crank, spring). The irreplaceable advantage of blasting machining is that it is split, undercut surfaces and cavities can also be machined, which can not be solved by other means or costly. The best example is a car wheel (rim) that can be cleaned with incredible time-saving.

Almost all metal objects can be grained. Car and engine parts, body parts, gears, structural elements, sculptures, wrought iron objects, fences, fences. Sand blasting of various metal objects, medical instruments, precious metals, acid-resistant steel, aluminum, copper surfaces. Injection molding tools, etc. One of the main areas of sand blasting, blasting and surface cleaning is the scattering of metals.

 For more information about the sandblasting and surface cleaning of metals, see the section under the technology section at the tips section and the patterns in the metals and their subgroups.

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