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Useful tips on how to use this homepage.

 My home page is optimized for Internet Edge 16 and Mozilla Firefox 60, Google Chrome 67, Opera 53 but apart from slight changes it operates with older browser. You cannot have any problems with most browsers if the programs support HTML 5 CSS 3 and Java Scripts.

 When you enter our homepage, you will find the menu above, which contains seven points. If you click on a point, you can reach the content of that category. These points are occasionally divided into sub-points. In this case, below the menu, you can see a circle-shaped icon after which the main point and its sub-points can be found. By clicking on these sub-points, you can reach their content. Our homepage is available in several languages. You can switch between languages with the help of the flags in the upper-right corner. If you reach the flags with the cursor, a sign with the name of the language will appear. You can also read signs above the main points of the menu indicating further details about each category. By clicking on the "Homokfúvó Centrum" headline, you can easily get to the Opening page. There the main points of our homepage can be directly accessed in different languages when clicking on the links.

In case you want a more detailed overview of our homepage with its main and sub-points, click on Sitemap in Help. The Sitemap can be directly reached from those pages where there is a small, circle-shaped icon below the Menu. Click on this icon to get to the Sitemap. In the Sitemap, you find the detailed content of the homepage. In a tree structure, the main and sub-points are described with short explanations so that you can easily use our homepage. This tree structure is active, so you can access each page with a click.

 We hope you will have no problem with our homepage, and you will get all the information you need. Should you have any problems, or questions about our services, click on Contacts in the Menu, and send an e-mail.

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