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Some useful pieces of advice and information.


Renovation of old cars and motorcycles:

In the following, we would like to give you some useful pieces of advice and draw your attention to the possible consequences.
Let’s see:
 -Manual or chemical cleaning is more economical for the removal of the frame, especially at those places where it is very difficult to blast.
 -We use a high pressure washer to remove oil. It is more economical if customers do it themselves.
 -The price is based on the thickness of the paint layer, which will be removed.
 -While being bead blasted, car body parts suffer a so-called warpage. It is unavoidable; however, the question is, to what degree. Blasting thin sheets requires careful work and a lot of time.
 -When supplementing strongly corroded sheets, it is highly recommended to bead blast the affected area. So the fitting parts can be properly welded. Pay attention! During welding, an oxide layer appears on the surface. If you really want a product of high quality, the elements (or the joints at least) must be blasted again. Many people do not do it, and they try to clean the surface with other technologies. The result is far from being perfect. The more careful we are in disassembling the parts to be cleaned, the more perfect the end-product is. Those parts that have got rotten and stuck have to be disassembled; otherwise the problem of corrosion removal is not solved, but only delayed.
 -Cleaning, beading and polishing of engines and differentials can only be done at the best quality when they are taken apart. Cleaning is not worth of risking damage in the inner parts if a bead gets into the system.
 -It is essential that, after bead blasting, the surface be protected as soon as possible.
 -However, there are some car body parts such as the engine hood, which cannot be cleaned by traditional bead blasting. Dry-ice blasting is used to perform this process. It costs 50.000 HUF. You can start to count…..!
 -Before repairs, the components are bead blasted, so the hidden flaws are revealed, and welding and milling can be performed at good quality. Our company can also carries out these orders.
 -Beading means cleaning with glass beads. We clean the surface with different bead-shaped glass as a result of which the objects feel oily and nacreous. In car industry, it is applied in decoration as a preparation for polishing and eloxal processes.
Pay attention! Beading is not durable in a long term. Since it only prepares the surface, it requires preservation.


Cleaning car and motorcycle parts:

The following examples prove the widespread use of sandblasting: different components and technologies, and different surface protection and preparation processes.

Let’s see what we have to pay attention to:

 -Before working on it, the grease and the oil have to be removed from the object. (Very often the grease in the holes and curves keeps the material inside, which causes corrosion and a problem in surface protection.)
 -It is not recommended to protect fitted and whetted surfaces at home, because they frequently get damaged.
 -It is very important to clarify the location of the components. (e.g. if they are exposed to heat, chemical impact, or physical damage)
 -It is a common mistake to use the same kind of paint for both iron and aluminum. The right choice of paint increases the lifespan of the object.
 -After bead blasting, cast objects are surface protected immediately even with temporary protection.
 -It is commonly believed that the screw thread is destroyed during blasting; yet, it is not true. Depending on the material, it is not necessary to protect it because it becomes cleaner as a result of blasting.
 -It is more econimocal to remove chromium plated surfaces in a sulphuric-acid bath. (galvanic technology) The chromium can be made uneven if the object is provided with a coating later. (e.g. polishing, painting).
 -Components exposed to dynamic usage should be blasted separately.
 -The channels of the cooling water in the engine may be contaminated with scale or strain. These contaminants decrease the quantity of the flowing liquid weakening the efficiency of cooling. Sandblasting removes these contaminants as a result of which the efficiency of cooling is increased.


About rims:

The fundamental difference between iron and aluminum rims lies in the hardness of the material. As a result of this, they require different working processes.
The same blasting parameters have different effects on the two materials.
Iron rims are basically faster, more workable and economical. Solvent-based surface protection is recommended, but grit blasting is also possible, which requires precise working.
When aluminum wheel discs are blasted, the roughness of the surface is essential.
The price is mainly based on the quality and the thickness of the original surface protection, and, of course, on the customer’s requests.
We charge a minimum of 2200 HUF / piece (the rim is blasted on every side)
If the object is very difficult to work on, the price can be 4000-6000 HUF. In extreme cases, it only includes the frontal part.
The following should be considered: the requirements of surface protection (e.g. painting, polishing) and surface preparation technologies.


Bead blasting equipment for plastic:

Sandblasting is also used for roughening the surface of equipment for plastic objects.

 -Surface roughness is categorized into 5 groups by the following parameters: VDI 18-36.
 -Bead blasting is applied for the homogenization of damaged equipment after welding and paving.
 -It is a rule that the surface can be roughened; however, it can only be refined about 20%. That is why; it is safer to use lower VDI parameters.
 -In case of repair, the whole surface has to be blasted because, as opposed to sparkling, bead blasting is not the complex of rounded peaks, but that of sharp ones.
 -The surface colour of repaired welded equipment can be different from the base, but it does not change the roughness.
 -After a test pressure, the surface can be refined by 1-2 VDI.
 -If the equipment is very complex, you have to reckon with alteration in roughness and in luster of the surface due to the unfavorable flow conditions.
 -The closing surfaces of the equipment are professionally protected. It is not worth trying out homemade solutions since they are rarely effective against the intensive blasting impact.
 -The protection of engraved letters and numbers are very circumstantial. Drying time: 24-48 hours.
 -A massive depth and width increase efficiency.
 -Our database contains the parameters of the equipment we have already worked on; consequently, the surface roughness can be restored after years.
 -Compared to sparkling, bead blasting is much cheaper, maintenance and renovation is not so expensive.
 -If necessary, outdoor bead blasting is possible.
 -In our company, we can work on objects with a maximum of 1 tone.


Working on stainless steel and aluminum:

Stainless steel is only worked with equipment and in clothing specifically maintained for this purpose.

 -It is essential to work with specific equipment and clothing because we cannot work on ferrite-contaminated objects. (Professional delivery is also essential: objects must not be transported on a rusty flat truck, fastened with rusty belts or touched by contaminated safety gloves.).


 -Objects contaminated with intercrystalline corrosion can only be worked on after chemical treatment.
 -After bead blasting, stainless steel requires chemical treatment.
 -At our company, passivation and oiling are possible, too.
 -High quality beading can only be reached if surface flaws (scratches or joints) are removed and polished.
 -The colour of the different materials is determined by their content. (K18-36).
 -We deliver every piece of work oiled in a safety package.
 -Before work, the objects are degreased.
 -Before electropolish, the surface has to be homogenized.


Bead blasting cog-wheels:

The cog-wheels and the inner boreholes of machine components may suffer a permanent alteration in shape during tempering. (e.g. martensitic swelling, ovality)

To a certain extent, these problems can be corrected with bead blasting. The size precision of the fitting surfaces is checked with a gauge or a caliber.

Shot blasting is also a very important technology.
The surface hardness of cog-wheels is enhanced by shot blasting, which increases their lifespan by about 50%.
It also removes the smaller flaws resulting in a nice, slightly yellowish, shining surface, which feels oily.
It has other advantages as well about which we can inform you in our workshop. (E.g. it can take up more oil.).

Glass bead blasting, which creates a homogenized, nacreous surface, meet aesthetic requirements. Note that the hardness of the surface will increase to a small extent after this process.


Complete renovation:

Here you can read about how different objects can be renovated.

Old ornaments can be renovated on the basis of photos or appropriate literature.

Components are supplemented in our workshop. If it is beyond our possibilities, we find the most suitable professional among our partners.

On request, the work piece is delivered in a safety package.

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