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Practical applications and working phases.

Below you find the photos and videos of our samples and the working phases in different categories. Click on the photos to view the category.

Metal objects and work pieces

  • Car and motor components

    Rims, lids, trailing arms, fuel tanks and any other car and motor components.

  • Old-timer cars and motors

    Renovation of classic cars, motorcycles and their components.

  • Plastic and vacuum equipment

    Surface preparation and surface treatment of plastic and vacuum equipment.

  • Stainless steel, aluminum...

    Stainless steel and aluminum objects and components.

  • Cog-wheels

    Everything concerning cog-wheels.

  • Other

    Here you can find those samples which do not fit into previous categories.

  • Complete renovation

    Complete renovation of various objects and components. Renovation and surface protection of metal objects etc.

  • All photos

    This category involves those samples whose basic material is metal. Here you find examples of blasting the surface of different metal objects and surfaces which can be created with different blasting materials.

Glass and plexi glass objects and work pieces

Here you can view those samples whose basic material is mainly glass and Plexiglas. E.g. unglazing, deep blasting and patterning glass objects etc.

Wooden objects and work pieces

This category shows those samples whose material is mainly wood, or some kind of wood. You find examples of how wooden surfaces can get an antique-look, and how they can be surface protected etc.

Other objects, materials, work pieces

Here you find those samples that cannot be fitted into the previous categories, or they are very complex. E. g. stone, brick, or concrete objects etc.

On-the-spot blasting and surface cleaning

This category includes photos of outdoor locations, where blasting and surface protection are performed on the spot. E.g. facades, indoor and outdoor blasting.

Every now and then we update our gallery with interesting, inventive or spectacular photos.

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