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Mobile sandblasting

Mobile, on-the-spot sandblasting, blasting, cleaning.

Mobile sandblasting

 Mobile, also known as on-site sand blasting, is also possible. The machining site is mostly related to building construction. Paint removal from metal structures (doors, lattices, stairs, platforms) are the most common. Cleaning of stone and brick surfaces, roughening of concrete is also included here. The removal of dirt, oxidation or "Graffiti" deposition over the years is no problem either.

In the case of site work, it is important to comply with dust and noise regulations!

As an industrial activity, it is not very well known, because of its versatility, it is difficult to find the right application, and our business is also of interest in your interest.

 On the spot sandblasting and blasting, see some examples of our previous works, at our on-site On-the-spot, mobile sandblasting site.

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