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Some informal words about the technology.

  Here you can read about some typical and extreme cases which we have encountered in the course of our work. It is vital to take these factors into account so that the most suitable technology can be chosen.

- You may think what you cannot see is not important. It is especially true in the case of bead blasting. Surface protection technologies such as galvanization, grit blasting or painting require the cleanliness of the surface. Manufacturing specifications generally refer to the protective coating for CLEAN surfaces. It can be realized by the process of bead blasting.

- It is widely believed that the basic materials used for steel structures can be provided with coating if they are not corroded. If the contractor and the customer set high standards, and aim to produce a durable product -especially in outdoor structures,- bead blasting is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

- It is rudimentary, that it is much more expensive to correct the corrupted pieces of work subsequently than to implement the technologies required during the production.

- When a steel structure is joined with bolts, screws, and fixing screws the components covering each other must be carefully prepared for surface cleaning and protection before the final assembly. Only after this can it be assembled so that it meets the requirements of corrosion protection, especially in outdoor structures.

- In standardized production, it is highly suggested that the piece of work should undergo every step of the working process until the end-product. This way you can avoid all the possible errors in standardized production.

- EVERY bead blasting results in warpage. You have to reckon with this fact in case of steel sheets. The sheets of the steel structures suffer a permanent alteration in shape. It CANNOT BE MADE EVEN!

- In renovation, blasting is used for both surface cleaning and surface exploration. It is highly recommended to explore the work piece first, make the necessary corrections, and then clean the whole object.

- The fitted surfaces (bearing houses, axle stubs etc.) have to be protected before blasting. Our company provides guarantee for performing it.

- During the preparation of products made of stainless steel, the lack of surface protection is very common. We provide the products surface protected for acid, alkaline and wet environment. While being produced, the object must not be contaminated with materials containing ferrite. The “infected” material can only be corrected with chemicals, which, of course, results additional costs.

- The following is rudimentary: the fewer contaminants there are on the surface, the cheaper it will be.

- It is commonly believed, that the unevenness of the surface can be polished by bead blasting. This technology is working of indefinite direction.

In examples, you can see how this technology can be applied. In Tips, you find further information about how the technology can be put into practice.

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