Surface cleaning by sandblasting, blasting

Információ: Sandblasting, bead blasting, surface cleaning. A lot of names such as shot blasting or steel shot blasting are also used to describe this technology; however, these words are often misused. The technology is mainly used to remove corrosion and paint and to clean metal surfaces so that a high quality surface protection can be performed. (e.g. painting, galvanization, surface preparation) Blasting is very effective in removing contaminants from different metal, wooden, plastic, glass, plexiglass, ceramic and other surfaces. By choosing the suitable blasting material and technology, it is possible to modify various surfaces for decoration. Sandblasting and bead blasting are efficient methods to create clean metal surfaces, give wooden objects an antique-look, decorate glass objects, and bead aluminum or stainless products. If you enter our homepage, you find more information about sandblasting and bead blasting in Technology. In our workshop, we perform blasting with corundum, steel, shot and glass bead on the following objects: surgical instruments, rims, metal frames, components, classic cars, motorcycles, ships, antique metal objects, wooden and glass object or even 6 meter-long steel structures. On-the-spot blasting is also possible for cleaning buildings (concrete, stone brick, wood etc.) In Services, you can read more information about our extended services such as corrosion and surface protection or component manufacturing. In Samples and work, numerous examples of sandblasting and bead blasting are provided in different categories. If you are interested, you can view some references in References. Our home page is available in Hungarian, English, German, Slovak and Romanian. To enter our home page, click on any of the above buttons (you can switch languages by clicking the suitable button). Should you have any question, ask it via e-mail, telephone, in the forum or you can reach us at our domicile.
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